About us

Company GAAST BV is registered with Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam on 19-06-2009. In the beginning, this was a transport assistance company for Coolfresh International B.V. (CFI) to export goods to Eastern European countries. GAAST means first letters of Geraskin Anita Anton Sergey Tatiana. So just family business. After CFI was sold to an English company, our activities (making mix trucks) no longer matched the strategy of the new employer. We completed this sloppy period with our departure from the employer and started work at GAAST BV as an import-export of mixed fruit and vegetable products.

Sergey Geraskin

Our whole family came to Holland in June 1991 from the Soviet Union. I was appointed by the Volga Automobile Plant as their representative. The city of residence was Groningen. We were greeted very warmly by the locals! The children went to Dutch school. everything was interesting; shops, flea markets, flower corso, visiting colleagues … except for the situation in the Soviet Union itself in its mortal convulsions. After the contract with VAZ, I was offered to start shipping fruits from Holland. And another life began. I had to move from soft Groningen to hard Rotterdam. Fruit required new knowledge. Went and successfully completed quality control courses with certificates. It helped a lot later in my work. Then there were projects together with the Dutch Ministry of Finance for the construction of storage-packing stations. Development of packaging, promotion of new products and, on this basis, the sale of mix-trucks. So that’s what we’re doing!

Anton Geraskin

As a 10 year old boy my fate brought me to the Netherlands. I went to Dutch school for a year and learned the language. After a year switched to International school first in Groningen (St. Maartenscollege) then in Rotterdam (Wolfert van Borselen). I completed my bachelor of economics in University of Maastricht and went to work in the fresh produce industry. Educational background  and years of experience have aided me in the step of running our own business.